A new finance is coming. Be part of it.

CFTE is creating an education platform for finance professionals and technologists to thrive in a FinTech world.

A platform to acquire the skills and network for Finance 2.0

As technology leads the intensive transformation of the financial industry, CFTE designs solutions for people and organisations to acquire the right knowledge, skills, and mindset for a world of digital finance.  


CFTE offers online courses, in-class training and workshops. CFTE alumni have access to one of the largest global Fintech ecosystems composed of professionals in finance and technologists who are building Finance 2.0.

Online Fintech Foundation Course for finance professionals and technologists

Finance professionals and technologists, as well as students who have taken the HKU course, can get an industry-led view of of Fintech with “Around Fintech in 8 hours”. The course is designed to help professionals understand the opportunities that technology is bringing to finance. It is led by 4 senior lecturers and complemented by 16 Fintech CEOs, heads of innovation and investors who share their industry insights of Fintech around the world. 

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