What is the HKU FinTech MOOC?

The HKU FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a certificate online FinTech course, providing well-rounded foundational knowledge for people looking to start developing a career in FinTech (Financial Technology), as well as finance professionals looking to update their knowledge.


The course is taught by 5 expert instructors with strong academic and backgrounds in relevant topics as well as hands-on experience with FinTech entrepreneurship.


It is the first FinTech MOOC offered by an Asian University.

Course Available in March 2018


Module 1: Introduction to FinTech

Module 2: Payment Infrastructure

Module 3: Finance: Traditional & Financing

Module 4: Data Analytics & Monetization

Module 5: RegTech

Module 6: Customer Interface

Modules: 6

Module Length: 1 hours per module

Total Hours: 6 hours

Estimate Duration: 6 weeks

Level: Introductory

Language: English with subtitles in multiple languages

Cost of Certificate: USD$100


Module 1: 

Introduction to FinTech

Providing foundational knowledge of FinTech by creating a topology for the sector as well as identifying the key stakeholders. The introduction will set the framework for the remaining of the MooC articulating how specific verticals sit at the juncture of: technology, business, stakeholders and regulators.

Module 2: 

Payment Infrastructure

Understanding the application of technology on building payment infrastructures. From the largest FinTech investment sectors (i.e. individual payments) to larger scale Real Time Gross Settlement.  New technologies (i.e. blockchain) and government schemes (i.e. M-Pessa) are supporting the growth of this vertical.

Module 3: 

Finance: Traditional & Alternative

Finance provides either immediate capital and prepares for future return. This industry has been shaped by recent disintermediation models such as P2P lending or cost-reducing platforms such as automated robot-advisory. These new market participants are challenge pre-existing actors and regulators as their operating model creates new unknowns.

Module 4: 

Data Analytics and Monetization

Business model centered around data have started to emerge within the context of finance. With this new trend emerges challenges such as data processing, privacy and security. These topics will be covered and key stakeholders identified.

Module 5: 


Our increasingly automated financial system requires a new paradigm in terms regulatory reporting, compliance and monitoring. This module will address how RegTech (Regulatory Technology) can both act as a cost-reduction opportunity for financial institutions but also a potential for regulators to redesign the tools used to perform the supervisory function in financial markets

Module 6: 

Customer Interface

The commoditization of financial products & services is being leveraged by pre-existing firms with large customer base. This final module will provide a forward looking perspective on the emergence finance distributed by an outsider industry.

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