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Crypto, Web3, and the Evolution of Compliance with Vivien Khoo

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In this insightful interview with Ajay Shamdasani, Vivien Khoo discusses the world of crypto, Web3, and financial compliance, offering valuable insights while exploring regulatory challenges, the evolving role of compliance officers, and the fusion of technology with human expertise. Vivien also highlights the realm of gamification and how the younger generation is driving innovation in this space, making it a must-listen for those navigating the intersections of finance, technology, and regulation.

Vivien is Chairman and co-founder of the Asia Crypto Alliance, the APAC Advisor of Delphi Digital, and Senior Advisor of StashAway, and brings a wealth of experience in #compliance, #regulation, and digital #finance. Her career transition into the digital industry was motivated by a desire to shape the future of financial services as society undergoes a transformative shift. Vivien is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, founding W3W and co-founding SatoshiWomen, initiatives that provide education, inspiration, and connections for women in the digital assets space. Additionally, she serves as an advisory board member for Inspiring Girls and actively collaborates with universities and schools to introduce #Web3 awareness and education to young girls.

Listen or watch the podcast: Regulatory Ramblings Episode 27


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