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HKU FinTech

Leading FinTech Research and Education in Asia

Asia Global Institute

Think tank co-established by HKU & Fung Global Institute


Online Education

Professional Certificate in FinTech

Combined 162,000 + learners

Introduction to FinTech

109,000 + learners

Blockchain and FinTech

36,000 + learners

FinTech Ethics and Risks

15,000 + learners

Innovation Labs



Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Reg/Tech Lab

Finance, Technology, Regulation, and Sustainability 

FinTech and Blockchain Lab

Cyber Security, FinTech and Blockchain

SuperCharger Ventures

EdTech Accelerator and Incubator

Research Centres


HKU-SCF FinTech Academy

Funding HK$7.3M research projects since 2020

Asia Global Institute

Global think tank from Asian perspectives

Asian Institute of International Financial Law

Research in financial, corporate and commercial law

Law and Technology Centre

Works include computer forensics & intellectual property

HKU Institute of Data Science

Funded by HKU Muskeeters Foundation

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