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Looking Back Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward (LBLF)

LBLF provides a concise and analytical discussion of issues relating to the intersection of finance, technology, regulation, globalization and sustainable development.


Led by Professor Douglas Arner, LBLF focuses on major current issues in global finance, presenting them in their wider context.


Topics include digitization and datafication of finance, major trends and themes in global finance and its regulation, and the role of finance in sustainable development.


LBLF goes out every month to over 100,000 learners on the HKU-edX Professional Certificate in FinTech.


The Four Crises of Finance: Part One

Looking Back, Looking Forward

with Prof Douglas Arner | S4 Ep4


In this month’s episode of Looking Back Looking Forward, Professor Douglas Arner discusses the Crypto Winter and its impacts on financial services, from the volatilities in Bitcoin holdings to the collapse of major banks across the globe. The use of new technologies may not only thwart criminal activities on such platforms but may also monitor their positions and promote supervisory operations and communications. Professor Arner also emphasises the need for licensing, regulation and disclosure standards to prevent future failures in both crypto markets and traditional financial services.