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Looking Back, Looking Forward (LBLF)

LBLF provides a concise and analytical discussion of issues relating to the intersection of finance, technology, regulation, globalization and sustainable development.


Led by Professor Douglas Arner, LBLF focuses on major current issues in global finance, presenting them in their wider context.


Topics include digitization and datafication of finance, major trends and themes in global finance and its regulation, and the role of finance in sustainable development.


LBLF goes out every month to over 100,000 learners on the HKU-edX Professional Certificate in FinTech.

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FinTech: Finance, Technology and Regulation

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Special Guest Edition: Prof Ross Buckley 


In this Special Guest episode of Looking Back Looking Forward, Ross Buckley, Scientia Professor and fellow of the Australian Research Council at UNSW Sydney, discusses the intersection of finance, technology, and regulation in the context of their new book with co-authors Douglas Arner (Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at The University of Hong Kong) and Dirk Zetzsche (ADA Chair in Financial Law (inclusive finance) at University of Luxembourg).


He highlights how technology has transformed the financial industry, with data companies and tech companies now providing financial services due to their access to customer information. He also emphasizes the need for regulators to adapt to these changes and explores the role of data in reshaping the finance sector.

You can pre-order the book, 'FinTech: Finance, Technology and Regulation', with a limited-time 20% discount through:

LBLF Season 3
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