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Leading FinTech Research and Education in Asia

Find out why this University of Hong Kong-designed online course in Financial Technology remains the most popular FinTech MOOC on edX platform, with over 100,000 learners.


Professional Certificate in FinTech

Blockchain & AI. In this interdisciplinary Professional Certificate program in FinTech, learners are taught about the world of FinTech and the opportunities and challenges it is bringing around the world. The Professional Certificate program will give you the tools to understand the interaction of finance and technology across the financial system as well as insight into the major technologies involved and the emerging business models and players in the industry.

Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations


The design of blockchain involves cryptographic technology, which cannot be easily understood by those who are not professionals in the area of IT and security.

In order to better understand what kinds of applications best fit blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technology and the potentials of these emerging technologies, it is important to understand the design rationale, the basic technology, the underlying cryptographic fundamentals, and its limitations.

Introduction to FinTech


Through a series of video lectures, case studies, and assessments learners will explore the major areas of FinTech including, beginning with What is FinTech before turning to Money, Payment and Emerging Technologies, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance, FinTech Regulation and RegTech, Data and Security, and the Future of Data Driven Finance, as well as, the core technologies driving FinTech including Blockchain, AI and Big Data. These will set the stage for understanding the FinTech landscape and ecosystem and grappling with the potential direction of future change.

FinTech Ethics and Risks


This 6-week online course covers 6 modules, representing the full spectrum of finance, technology, and the introduction of FinTech solutions globally.  Learners will be asked questions that are not often asked or addressed when new technologies are adopted. Through discussing and attempting to answer these questions, learners will understand better how the introduction of these technologies can benefit or harm society. And through considering the proper application or introduction of such technologies, learners will learn to make better decisions as an individual and organization when facing the question: is FinTech our savior or a villain?

The HKU FinTech's "Introduction to FinTech" course by The University of Hong Kong is the leading financial technology MOOC on edX with over 100000 enrolled students!  The course continues to be the most popular FinTech course on edX reaching to learners in 209 countries / jurisdictions across the world. The top regions where learners have taken the course online from are the United States, Hong Kong / China and India.

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