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FinTech News - September 2021

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Crypto Normalisation

In this episode Prof. Douglas Arner discusses how regulatory and FinTech issues have diverged, particularly in the case of crypto normalisation: cryptocurrencies and digital assets integrated into the regulated financial system. Rather, regulators in the US, UK and, most recently in China, have issued warnings about crypto and digital asset exchanges operating in their respective systems. Bitcoin’s headway, which prompted rising competitors such as Dogecoin and other crypto assets to emerge, had created concern for regulators to protect consumers and prevent potential market collapse. Professor Arner also describes China’s push to drive cryptocurrencies out of the Chinese financial system, in preparation for the country’s Central Bank Digital Currency scheduled for next year, causing financial systems around the world to re-evaluate their regulatory policies.


New Paper: The Transnational Data Governance Problem

The historical paradigm of data globalization is fragmenting. The increasingly competing positions of the major economies and standard-setting jurisdictions threaten to fracture the global data economy and threaten to fracture its core infrastructure, the Internet.

In this new paper, the authors provide a framework to analyze this emerging landscape and assess its implications. They characterize this dynamic as the wicked problem of transnational data governance, as no single solution can address it.

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The Future of Money with Henri Arslanian

In Issue 62 of this series, which covers recent topical developments, Henri Arslanian shares some ideas on:

- What You Need to Know About #China’s #Cryptocurrency Ban

- Why 1 in 6 #Australians Now Own #Crypto?

- What Are #Ethereum “Uncle Blocks”?

Read the post here


CFTE Upskilling Series: Nathalie Oestmann, COO of Curve

In the latest episode of the Upskilling Series by the Centre for Finance,Technology and Entrepreneurship, Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE’s Co-Founder interviews Nathalie Oestmann, the Chief Operating Officer of Curve.

Join the conversation as Nathalie talks about how Curve helps people build skills to thrive in a fast-growing Fintech startup.


New blog: Toward a New Regulatory Paradigm

In a recent blog Digital Finance Platforms: Toward a New Regulatory Paradigm written by Dirk Zetzsche, William Birdthistle, Douglas Arner & Ross Buckley for the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University School of Law's 'The FinReg Blog', the world's $89 trillion investment and asset management industry is examined to explore its functions, possible risks and development towards its taxonomy for regulation.

The authors identify the economic reasons for the dramatic ascendancy of these financial leviathans while proposing a legal framework for mitigating their threats to national security, financial stability, consumer protection, antitrust and cybersecurity.

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Global Webinar Series on AI in Finance: Focus on Asia

In this series WAIFC, World Economic Forum, and NVIDIA have invited thought leaders and AI personalities to discuss the latest implications, trends, strategies, and challenges.

What are the global and local trends? How do financial centers, financial service companies, and financial supervisors position themselves? How are the technical and ethical challenges addressed? What are best practices, standards, platforms, and infrastructures? Where are the best talent, research, and innovation?

Watch the recording here


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