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G20 Framework: Interdependencies in the Crypto Ecosystem

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In a significant milestone for the regulation of cryptoassets, Policy 4.0, a think tank from India founded by Tanvi Ratna, along with The University of Hong Kong's Professor Douglas Arner and Sijuade Animashaun, has made impactful contributions to the G20 framework.

Policy 4.0's policy recommendations on interdependencies in cryptoasset ecosystems have been officially incorporated into the final G20 framework for the regulation of cryptoassets, positioning them as the 8th recommendation out of 9 FSB recommendations in the final IMF-FSB synthesis paper. This achievement makes Policy 4.0 the only think tank from India to have insights included in these influential guidelines.

The paper titled 'Interdependencies in Crypto Ecosystems: Drivers, Implications, and Policy Responses,' co-authored by Ratna, Arner, Animashaun, and Jatin Bedi, provides the context for the recommendations incorporated into the G20 framework. It explores the role of interdependencies in the crypto ecosystem, highlighting their impact on internal risk management practices and crisis control mechanisms, underscoring the need for effective regulations.

These developments reflect the ongoing efforts by industry participants, academics, and regulators to shape the future of the crypto ecosystem through collaboration and innovation.

You can download and read the paper through SSRN and also watch the discussion on TechReg360 on Youtube for further insights.

Highlights of this update as posted on LinkedIn: Post by Tanvi Ratna
Follow the authors on LinkedIn: Tanvi Ratna, Douglas Arner, Sijuade Animashaun and Jatin Bedi


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