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FinTech News - August 2021

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Thank you, learners!

We are very happy to announce that the HKU / edX "Introduction to FinTech" course has officially reached 100000 enrolled students!

The course continues to be the most popular FinTech course on edX reaching to learners in 208 countries / territories across the world. The top regions where learners have taken the course online are once again the US, Hong Kong / China and India.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the course's contributors and guest speakers as their contributions will continue to have a positive impact on our enrolees.

Going forward, we will enhance the course's content with a diverse set of new speakers and contributors to push forward our commitment in keeping our learners updated on all relevant academic and industry insights.

To expand on our global outreach, we will be launching Russian and Arabic translations to "Introduction to FinTech" in addition to the existing English and Chinese subtitles.

Cheers to the next 100K!

Celebrate with us and send your comments to our LinkedIn page - HKU FinTech


Revisiting the August 2021 World Wide Web

In this episode of Looking Back Looking Forward, Professor Douglas Arner revisits August 1991 in the global breakthrough of the World Wide Web created by Tim Berners-Lee. Thirty years of transformation since the discovery of the internet is reflected in the context of finance which began from an analog industry and redefined into a digitised industry, through the existence of email and large-platform companies growing into tech giants. Data and information processed into amalgamation by giant big-tech platform companies have triggered responses from the EU, with its personal data protection initiatives, and China, with its data infrastructure system controlling information flows. Professor Arner also discusses the questions surrounding free flows of data and potential standards which may alleviate the way in which jurisdictions themselves can oversee data information.

A newly published paper, The Transnational Data Governance Problem by Douglas Arner, Giuliano Castellano and Eriks Selga, explains the fragmentation of transnational data governance due to political or cultural reasons, including why data is approached differently in major jurisdictions with competitive systems for access to such markets.


The Future of Money: Flash Loans, Etherium, NFTs

In Issue 58 of this series, which covers recent topical developments, Henri Arslanian shares some ideas on:

- What Are Flash Loans?

- Why Did the Ethereum Blockchain Split This Week?

- What Is Happening in the Crazy World of NFTs?

Read the post here


Regulating Cryptoassets<