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What to watch for in 2024

Financial Highlights by Douglas Arner

Looking Back Looking Forward | January 2024

In this Looking Back Looking Forward video, Douglas Arner discusses key developments anticipated in finance, technology, and regulation for the year 2024.

He highlights five major areas of focus:

  • Cross-border Payment Systems: Arner expects operationalization of technological projects, particularly in linking domestic retail fast payment systems on a cross-border basis and wholesale central bank digital currencies.

  • Digital Assets: He predicts that digital assets will become a regulated industry in several jurisdictions by the end of 2024, impacting both the digital assets and traditional financial services industries.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Arner highlights ongoing efforts in various countries to maximize the benefits of aggregate data and artificial intelligence while mitigating associated risks.

  • Regtech and Suptech: The use of technology for regulatory and supervisory purposes is increasing, with central banks and regulators digitizing their operations, focusing on data analytics, and incorporating digital regulatory reporting.

  • Sustainability: Arner discusses the transformation of sustainability reporting requirements from soft to hard obligations, emphasizing the significant impact on compliance processes and the creation of structured data for financial infrastructures.

Watch the 6-minute video and explore the pivotal changes in finance, technology, and regulation throughout the upcoming months, fostering a sustainable and improved financial system.



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