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This page is a repository of Regulatory Ramblings - Briefs previous live simulcasts aired over HKU FinTech's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.


Tokenised Litigation Funding. Jamieson Kirkwood and Ajay Shamdasani discuss regulatory obstacles and how blockchain technology is disrupting the monetization of litigation claims through tokenisation. Watch it here.

Great Crypto Crisis. Sijuade Animashaun speaks to host Ajay Shamdasani about his new paper entitled “Great Crypto Crisis: The Prudential Regulation of Systemically Important Crypto Conglomerates”. Watch it here.

A Regulatory Design for Financial Stability in Hong Kong. Dr. Evan Gibson (HKU Law) explores the question and discusses some key points in his book, including: What does the arrival of a digital Yuan mean from a regulatory compliance and risk management perspective? To what extent can AI and RegTech tools help policymakers and supervisors to manage routines and tasks? And what does regulatory reform means to regulators who are accountants , bankers , and lawyers (and less engineers ) in terms of skills and training?  Watch it here.

Regulating Virtual Assets

Streamed on 26 April!  Regulatory Ramblings Briefs: Regulating Virtual Assets: The Hong Kong Advantage | A Conversation with Donald Day, COO of VDX, Hong Kong CFAAR* Co-Founder and Digital Assets Expert. 


Donald Day, chief operating officer of fintech start-up firm VDX, and the former in-house cryptocurrency/digital asset expert at Hong Kong’s capital markets regulator, the Securities and Futures Commission, sits down to chat with Regulatory Ramblings host Ajay Shamdasani. They discuss the importance of broadening the policy discussion beyond just being about cryptocurrencies to envisaging a future where virtual assets are a key part of daily commerce, as well as the importance of digitization, and Hong Kong’s ideal position as a global fintech and digital asset hub. 

*CFAAR - Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery Network

DOWNLOAD:  Consultation Conclusions on the Proposed Regulatory Requirements for Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operators Licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission 23/5/2023


Taxing the Future

Streamed on 12 April!  Regulatory Ramblings Briefs: Taxing the Future and the Search for A New Regulatory Paradigm: A Chat with Dr Jamieson Kirkwood (HKU).


Dr. Kirkwood discusses the active competition and ‘turf wars’ between nation-states to lure multinational businesses and high-net-worth individuals to their shores, the OECD’s move towards harmonised tax rules and a minimum corporate tax rate in the developed world, and whether tax havens are a thing of the past. Streaming on HKU Fintech: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Related paper (pay gate): "Taxing the Future: Digital Stateless Income, Business Organisation, and the Search for a New Regulatory Paradigm".

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Individual rights in the Metaverse

Streamed on 29 March 2023 (HKT) - Regulatory Ramblings Briefs: How can corporations ensure human rights in the Metaverse? A Chat with Dr Kuzi Charamba.


Kuzi joins Ajay Shamdasani in a discussion on the need for forward-looking rather than reactive regulation of and governance in the Metaverse; global harmonization of rules; physical and digital personality, and how to set up appropriate governance systems. Streaming on HKU Fintech: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Related paper: "Beyond The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights In The Dawn Of A Metaverse".

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New Technologies, New Crises

Streamed on 17 March 2023 (HKT)! Regulatory Ramblings Briefs: New Technologies, New Crises: A Chat with Douglas Arner.


Prof Arner joins Ajay Shamdasani in a discussion on Asia's first MOOC and recently launched Introduction to Fintech in Arabic, SVB, Credit Suisse, and technology & crises. Streaming on HKU Fintech: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Listen to this interview-podcast or read the transcript: here

Related paper now published at the Oxford Business Law Blog: The Financialization of Crypto: Lessons from FTX and the Crypto Winter of 2022-2023

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What it takes to be a compliance officer: Oonagh van den Berg

Oonagh van den Berg joins Ajay Shamdasani to discuss her background growing up in Northern Ireland during the tumultuous 1980s, how she found her way into the legal profession, as well as what it takes to be a compliance officer – in terms of skills, knowledge, and temperament – as well as the challenges of being a woman in male-dominated fields such as financial services, law and compliance.

Listen to the main part of this interview-podcast: here

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Invest In Yourself – Study Compliance & Regulation at HKU Law

Syren Johnstone, executive director of HKU's LLM programme in Compliance & Regulation, talks to Ajay Shamdasani about the degree and its benefits, including:

  • How students can take what they’ve learned to improve their career prospects

  • The programme as a response to continued definition of what and who compliance in the industry involves, from the CEO to front office staff

  • Fellowship funding available for students that qualify

  • A student body largely comprised of industry professionals from multiple fields related to financial services

  • A programme that keeps abreast of the tectonic shifts in the way regulators and policymakers approach compliance

Listen to this interview-podcast: here.

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