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Climate Contracting & Green Fintech
Digital Assets & Sustainability in 2024
The Rutgers Blockchain and Fintech Program
RR - Marc Steinberg
Hong Kong Economic Policy Green Paper
Policy Framework on Developing a National FinTech Strategy
Regulatory Ramblings
Sustainable, Inclusive FinTech
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New MOOC Professional Certificate
LBLF Special Guest Edition
HKU Fintech Day 2023
Can Digital Payments Drive Sustainable Growth?
Geopolitics and Implications for Dollar Diplomacy
Financialization of Crypto
The Brussels Effect
TechLaw.Fest Singapore 2023
Fintech Sustainability
Workshop with Anu Bradford
Regulatory Ramblings
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Anu Bradford's Digital Empires and The Brussels Effect - Join us on LinkedIn!

HKU Fintech Spotlight: Robo Advisory
India's AML & Financial Crime Compliance
HKU SEED Programme
Regulatory Ramblings
Prospects for Digital Yuan & eHKD
Thought leader: Nameer Khan
Charting Fintech Success: Karena Belin's Entrepreneurial Insights
Regulatory Ramblings
Looking Back Looking Forward
New Book on Compliance Management
RR Podcasts
New Book (Forthcoming)
LBLF May 2023
ECGI Blog Review
HKU Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Fintech - Bank Partnership in China's Credit Market
Blockchain as commons
Tokenised Litigation Funding
Regulatory Ramblings
HKU FinTech 2022
LLM(CFL) Info Session Dec22
LLM(CR) Info Session
New MOOC - Fintech Technologies
A Regulatory Design for Financial Stability in Hong Kong
Threshold Cryptography
EBO Law Review
Enhancing Efficiency in Cross-Border Payments
BIS Corporate Digital Identity
Data and Digitalisation
FinTech Talk
Regulatory Ramblings Podcast
AI-empowered FinTech
Making Finance Resilient to Crises
Blockchain as a Disruptor of Securities Regulation
Scholarship Impact & Productivity
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Sanctions in Digital Finance
New Blog at Oxford BLB
China's e-CNY
HKU FinTech Buzz Index
FinTech Ethics & Risk
LBLF - Season 3, Ep2
New World of Money & Payments
Tokenisation of Everything
HKU LLM in Compliance & Regulation
FinTech Ethics and Risks
FinTech Trends in 2022: Qatar
Crypto Lending Industry
HKU LLM(CFL) Info Session
Fintech Academy Talk
Perspectives on Regulatory Frameworks for DLT
Gauging the Personhood of AI
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Introduction to FinTech
FinTech Law and Regulation
CFTE FinTech Job Report
Fintech Saudi's FinTech Tour 2021
Introduction to Fintech Arabic
Global Carbon Price
Regtech Adoption
HKU FinTech Day 2021
HKU FinTech Day 2021
How do you regulate social media?
Introduction to FinTech - Russian
AI in Finance: Focus on Asia
Rethinking the Regulation of Cryptoassets
Toward a New Regulatory Paradigm
Syren Johnstone: What are we regulating for?
Henri Arslanian on HKU FinTech
Tracing Illegal Cryptocurrency Transactions

Listen to HKU Fintech: Prof SM Yiu about his visualisation project to help law enforcers

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Reaching 100K

We are very happy to announce that the HKU / edX "Introduction to FinTech" course has reached a major milestone: we have officially reached 100,000 enrolled learners!

The Transnational Data Governance Problem

Paper by Douglas Arner, Giuliano Castellano and Eriks Selga

Rethinking the Regulation of Cryptoassets

HKU Law Syren Johnstone will discuss his new book in the Stanford Law School’s CodeX group meeting on Friday (3 September 430am Hong Kong Time) | (2 September 9:30pm London Time)

The Future of Money

PwC crypto leader Henri Arslanian explains what flash loans are, why the Ethereum blockchain splits into two chains, and an update on NFTs in his weekly newsletter "The Future of Money"

HKU Law Prof Douglas Arner discussed the G20's FSB vs COVID-19's impacts, digital technology's transformation towards global financial operations, etc, in the Shanghai financial openness roundtable

Be a part of the upskilling trend!

Over 32000 bachelor's & master's degree holders have enrolled (as of 2021) in The University of Hong Kong's Introduction to Fintech, the world's most popular #fintech online course on edX. Be a part of the upskilling trend!

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How will cryptocurrencies reshape the future of money and payment systems? Join SMU Centre for AI & Data Governance’s “Adoption of cryptocurrencies as Legal Tender and the Future of Money” webinar on 14 Sep (9pm HKG/SIN)

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How do you thwart the threat from the proliferation of cryptocurrencies in the financial market today? Join Prof SM Yiu as he presents - “A Visualization Assisted Abnormal Trading Detection System for Multi-crypto Currencies” (31 Aug, 4pm HKT/9am London).

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Join HKU Prof Douglas Arner as he explores “Covid-19, Digital Finance, Financial Inclusion and the UN Sustainable Development Goals” on 24 August at 4pm HKT (9am London) | HKU-SCF Fintech Academy Seminar Series.

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Check out this video from Prof Henri Arslanian - one of the most influential individuals in #FinTech in Asia and instructor of edX’s Introduction to FinTech and Professional Certificate in FinTech.

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HKU LLM in Compliance & Regulation executive director Syren Johnstone critiques the application of a financial regulation narrative to #cryptoassets, questioning the assumptions on which it is based and whether regulations developed in the 20th century remain fit to apply to a technology emerging in the 21st.

Thank you, learners!

Introduction to FinTech course has reached 100,000+ learners in 208 countries/territories with 32,000+ students upskilling their Bachelor / Master's degree. Discover the emerging trends and changing regulations that are driving today's FinTech industry

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