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FinTech News - February 2022

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LBLF: How Do You Govern Data in Finance Across Borders?

In this episode of season three’s Looking Back Looking Forward, Professor Douglas Arner discusses data and its integration in financial sector. In one of the world’s most digitised industries, datafication is at the core of finance. Professor Arner also shares on data governance’s influence on countries’ jurisdictions, including the challenges it may apply on financial services and economies.

These topics, and more, are further examined in the newly published article by Professor Arner, Giuliano Castellano and Eriks Selga: Financial Data Governance: The Datafication of Finance, the Rise of Open Banking and the End of the Data Centralization Paradigm.

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FinTech Ethics and Risks: Responsible Innovations with Jon Zieger

In this new and exclusive interview, David Lee and Jon Zieger, co-founder and executive director of Responsible Innovation Labs (RIL) discuss the concept of platform governance, and how responsible innovations can create positive social impact. (This content is exclusive to enroled FinTech Ethics and Risks learners on edX.)

FinTech Ethics Questions to Consider:

Join over 16,000 global learners in this discussion and share your perspectives on the future of FinTech.

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Financial Data Governance: The Datafication of Finance,

the Rise of Open Banking and the

End of the Data Centralization Paradigm

New paper by Douglas Arner, Giuliano Castellano and Eriks Selga, of The University of Hong Kong.

Financial regulation has been forced to adapt to financial digitalization. In parallel, new sets of rules and principles have been developed to assert sovereignty over the digital world. These rules are increasingly enveloping all critical societal functions, from privacy, to national security.

Though emerging regulatory regimes pertaining to financial activities and general data governance rules increasingly intersect, their relationship often remains unclear. This paper builds a framework of analysis to address the datafication of finance.

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Australia's Consumer Data-Sharing

Regime: A World-Leading Reform

New paper by Ross Buckley and Natalia Jevglevskaja of University of New South Wales (UNSW).

The Consumer Data Right (‘CDR’) regime introduced in Australia in 2019 is world leading and could promote much-needed competition in major sectors of the economy and reinvigorate a waning commercial morality. As with virtually all potentially transformative innovations, however, the challenges are many and, in this case, include the need to rigorously protect consumer data without imposing regulatory burdens that could deter new market entrants.

The success of CDR will require a careful and ongoing balancing of risks and benefits. The authors analyse its extraordinary potential and argue for nuanced regulation and timely and extensive consumer education by government and industry.

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Future of Money

In Issue 81 of this series, which covers recent topical developments, Henri Arslanian shares some ideas on:

- How Russia’s Hydra Became the World’s Biggest Darknet Market?

- Why 2021 Was a Record Year for Crypto Fundraising and M&A?

- How Money Impacted the Development of Greece and Democracy?

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SuperCharger Ventures Launches Founders Taboo

World's #1 Course and Community

on Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Founders Taboo is building the world's largest free online course & community for founders' mental health and wellbeing. The course has over 30 contributors from world class psychologists and coaches, leading VC and established academics.

They are currently in private beta, for only the first 1,000 founders. Founders Taboo is an initiative of SuperCharger ventures, which has accelerated 3 unicorns to date.

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CFTE Fintech Founder Series

What does it take to go from 0 to 1 as a Fintech entrepreneur? What are the current business opportunities and challenges in Fintech? What are the market dynamics and customer demands in the sector?

The Fintech Founder Series by CFTE gets you the answers. The series is a bi-weekly webinar and podcast hosted by a dynamic duo of Fintech enthusiasts, Ronit Ghose, the Global Head of Fintech and Digital at Citi Global Insights, and Gaurav Dhar, the CEO of Marshal & MENA Fintech Association Board member.

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ADGM Academy and CFTE launch 100 Fintech Scholarships

for women and individuals from diverse backgrounds

in the United Arab Emirates

With the aim to support region’s brightest minds accelerate their career in financial services, develop new FinTech skills and empower women workforce, Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA) in collaboration with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) London have announced 100 scholarships for those who want to acquire or advance skills in finance and technology and be part of this exciting sector while half of these scholarships will be given to women, supporting SDG goal number 5 of Gender Equality.

The launch of the scholarship programme is part of the commitment of both ADGMA and CFTE to promote and support diverse capability development in fintech and financial services and support the UAE National Agenda of 2021, which aims to position the UAE among the leading nations in ease of doing business, innovation, and research and development indicators.

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