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Finance, Technology and Regulation


Written by three of today’s most widely read global FinTech experts in an easy-to-understand style, this book provides the insights needed by all those who seek a comprehensive understanding of the FinTech Age. The authors explain all relevant technologies in an accessible manner, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Big Data, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies, crypto-exchanges, and distributed ledgers. They provide a unique perspective on FinTech as an interactive system that involves finance, technology, and law.

The book begins with an evolutionary perspective, discusses technological features and the role of infrastructure, and analyzes the risks generated by FinTech before concluding with forward-looking regulatory strategies. The authors explore how societies can best utilize and how regulators can effectively oversee the FinTech revolution to address the challenges the world is facing today.

Download and read the Introduction at the Social Science Research Network

This book delivers a unique understanding of Fintech as an interactive system involving finance, technology and law.




Dan Awry
Cornell Law School

Technological advances are rapidly changing the face of finance, and with it the challenges and opportunities confronting financial regulators. Understanding the complex, intertwined relationship between finance, technology, and regulation is no longer optional for those researching and working in these fields – it’s an absolute necessity. Buckley, Arner, and Zetzsche provide a strong foundation for this understanding and, having built it, offer important insights into everything from the rise of fintech, regtech, and bigtech to the rapidly evolving worlds of AI and crypto.

Iris Chiu
UCL Faculty of Law

This book discusses the key building blocks for building a fintech-led financial eco-system, including aspects relating to data, e-identity, artificial intelligence, and distributed ledger.

A highly useful resource for any academic, policymaker, or
practitioner in the area of fintech and financial regulation.

Rutgers' Blockchain and Fintech Program: Leading Scholars’ Presentation with Professors Dirk Zetzsche and Douglas Arner

On January 19 (12 noon Eastern Time / US East - Canada), the Rutgers Blockchain and Fintech Program kicked off the New Year with a book presentation by leading authorities on fintech, Professor Dirk Zetzsche and Professor Douglas Arner, presenting their new book “Fintech: Finance, Technology, and Regulation.”

The Reglex Perspective Podcast - Douglas Arner: Data and Identification Drive Access and Sustainability in China and India

Professor Douglas Arner sheds light on the rapid digital financial transformations, particularly those taking place in China and India. The widespread use of mobile phones linked to government IDs unintentionally paved the way for major fintech players such as Tencent and Alibaba, contributing to the economic and societal transformation of these countries. In the podcast, Arner highlights the universal importance of formal identity in accessing financial and legal systems and underscores the efficiency and affordability of digital processes in enhancing the well-being of populations globally.

Douglas Arner: Sustainable, Inclusive Finance, Technology and Regulation (LBLF)

Douglas Arner reflects on eight transformative years, presenting a collaborative effort with colleagues Ross Buckley and Dirk Zetzsche through their newly published book, 'FinTech: Finance, Technology, and Regulation.' He highlights technological shifts, regulatory challenges, and the pivotal role of digital infrastructure in financial inclusion. He discusses risks and opportunities in technology use, while advocating for a balanced, risk-based overall approach in regulation. The video concluded with a call for policymakers to integrate these lessons, offering a blueprint to achieve sustainable development.

Dirk Zetzsche talks about the new book he co-authors on Regulatory Ramblings Podcast

In a captivating "Regulatory Ramblings" podcast interview, Professor Dr. Dirk A. Zetzsche, holder of the ADA Chair in Financial Law (inclusive finance) at the University of Luxembourg, explores the book's driving factors and core message: the need for banking and finance to adapt in sync with technology and regulation, stressing interdisciplinary connections for sustainable development. The conversation emphasizes the vital role of robust regulatory frameworks and the synergy of innovation and regulation in tackling today's financial challenges.


YT Video Talk


Ross Buckley speaking on Looking Back Looking Forward 

Book Review


Review by Rebellion Research | AI Asset Management

News Item


From the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF), University of Luxembourg

About the Authors

Ross P. Buckley

  • Ross Buckley at SSRN

Professor Buckley is one of the world’s most cited and read FinTech scholars. He leads a major, six-year Laureate research project at UNSW into the regulation of FinTech. He advises governments and regulators around the world and has twice been a Fulbright scholar, at Yale and Duke.

Douglas W. Arner

  • Douglas Arner at SSRN

Professor Arner is one of the leading policy researchers on the interaction of finance, technology, regulation and development. He is a Senior Fellow of the Asia Global Institute and Associate Director of the HKU-Standard Chartered FinTech Academy at the University of Hong Kong. He works with international organisations, governments, regulators and leading private sector firms around the world.

Dirk A. Zetzsche

  • Dirk Zetzsche at SSRN

Professor Zetzsche holds the ADA Chair in Financial Law (inclusive finance) and leads the House of Sustainable Governance & Markets at the University of Luxembourg. He is one of the most well-known authors on Fintech regulation, a frequent consultant to regulators and parliaments, and a regular guest at all the leading universities and academic conferences across the Globe.


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