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What does tokenization mean for data, Web3, and IP?

Panel Chair / Moderator: Ajay Shamdasani

1 November (Wednesday)

Panel 1:  12:30 - 1:30 PM 

Location: Philip K.H. Wong Theatre 

2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus

The University of Hong Kong


Donald Day



Ronald Yu

Director, Makebell Limited


Vince Turcotte

Cognitive GRC


Ajay Shamdasani

Faculty of Law, HKU

Regulatory Ramblings is a podcast from a team at The University of Hong Kong tackling topics on the intersection of all things pertaining to finance, technology, law and regulation, as well as business strategies. 

In the podcast's latest episode, Dr. Dirk A. Zetzsche, holder of ADA Chair in Financial Law (finance and inclusion) at the University of Luxembourg, talks about his new book 'FinTech: Finance, Technology and Regulation' with co-authors Ross Buckley and Douglas Arner. He is a widely sought-after expert on finance and inclusion and outlines the book's policy goals and regulatory strategies to address today's challenges. Learn more!

Panel 2 - Shaping the future: Technology and governance to address emerging challenges


Panel 3 -  Introduction: HKU-edX Professional Certificate in Financial Technologies | Web3 Infrastructure & Development in Hong Kong | Building Web3 in Hong Kong

Panel 4 - Green FinTech university startup experiences and challenges

Panel 5 - Developments in tokenised security issuances and offerings in Hong Kong

BIO: Donald Day

Donald Day, chief operating officer of fintech start-up firm VDX, and the former in-house cryptocurrency/digital asset expert at Hong Kong’s capital markets regulator, the Securities and Futures Commission.

BIO: Ronald Yu

Author and presenter on the nexus of law and tech: Intellectual Property and NFTs, AI and the law, Cross Border data flows, Computer forensics, and more. Former Board Member - WIPO Green Author, Hong Kong Chapter, "Electronic Evidence" 3rd Edition, Stephen Mason Gen. Editor Managing Editor, "A Corporate Journey to the West" Author, "Intellectual Property of Business" 2013 and upcoming second edition Lecturer, Chinese University of HK on Fintech, University of Hong Kong, Patent Law, Intellectual Property (Law) in Information Technology, HK University of Science and Technology & HK Polytechnic, Intellectual Property strategy. Inventor: US Patents US-8832196, 11177940

BIO: Vincent Turcotte

Vince Turcotte is an Independent Consultant, Digital Assets for Cognitive GRC, a Hong Kong based regulatory and compliance consulting firm. Previously, he was with Eventus, a cutting-edge market surveillance and risk monitoring system as Director, Head of Digital Assets, Asia Pacific. He has worked with major exchanges and regulators consulting on market surveillance, and has written extensively on regional regulation in the virtual asset space. Vince brings more than 25 years of capital markets experience in Asia Pacific, working in regional roles at investment banks and brokers in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

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