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Developments in tokenised security issuances and offerings in Hong Kong

Panel Chair / Moderator: Brian W. Tang

1 November (Wednesday)

Panel 5:  4:45 - 5:45 PM

Location: Philip K.H. Wong Theatre 

2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus

The University of Hong Kong

Download the slides: Please note that the attached slides was produced by LITE Lab@HKU for the speakers. If you would like to use any of these slides for another presentation, please seek the speaker's consent.


Brian Tang

Founding executive director, LITE Lab at University of Hong Kong


Agnes Tsang

Partner, International Capital Markets department, Allen & Overy


Julian So

Group Chief Executive Officer, XBE Ltd


Tony Chang

VP, Capital Markets and Wealth Management, Tykhe Capital Group

LITE Lab@HKU - Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab at the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law is an interdisciplinary and experiential programme that seeks to foster experiential learning and impactful applied research in:

(i)    emerging law of technology initiatives through co-designed student research projects and internships to support the tech  startup, social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem adopting ABCD technologies (AI, blockchain, cloud and data) and new business models; and 


(ii)    innovative technology of law initiatives through co-designed student lawtech and regtech projects with not-for-profit organisations for access to justice as well as with legal departments, startups and law firms on proof-of-concepts to address real world painpoints and accelerate their innovation journeys. 


To learn more and collaborate with LITE Lab@HKU, contact Founding Executive Director: Brian W Tang bwtang [at] 

Panel 1 - What does tokenization mean for data, Web3 and IP?


Panel 2 - Shaping the future: Technology and governance to address emerging challenges

Panel 3 - Introduction: HKU-edX Professional Certificate in Financial Technologies | Web3 Infrastructure & Development in Hong Kong | Building Web3 in Hong Kong

Panel 4 - Green FinTech university startup experiences and challenges


BIO: Brian Tang

BRIAN W TANG is founding executive director of Law, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship Lab, the University of Hong Kong’s interdisciplinary and experiential programme which has received various international legal industry awards for its collaborative innovations. Brian was awarded the Faculty of Law’s 2022 Outstanding Teaching Award, is an Advance HE Fellow and his LITE Lab students have also won numerous legal innovation & technology competitions in the US and Germany. Brian’s courses were one of the first from law schools worldwide to incorporate GenAI after ChatGPT was launched, and LITE Lab was a recipient of the 2023 Edtech Heroes Award for Stakeholder Engagement (Higher Education). His current wide-ranging research areas cover AI governance, emerging capital markets for tokenized securities and carbon credits, sustainable financing and the role and impact of technology on the future delivery of legal services and education. Featured in the future of work book Future Proof, Brian is also co-chair of Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA), board member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong and APAC regional board member of Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers. Prior to joining HKU, Brian practiced at Wall Street firm Sullivan & Cromwell in New York and Mallesons in Perth, Australia, as well as at global investment bank Credit Suisse in Hong Kong focused on capital markets and cross-border M&A and project financing

BIO: Agnes Tsang

Agnes is a Partner in the International Capital Markets department of Allen & Overy's Hong Kong office. She regularly advises issuers and underwriters on a broad range of debt capital markets transactions including ESG bonds, regulatory capital and convertible debt issuances and has advised on the first tokenised bond issuance out of Hong Kong. She is qualified to practise in Hong Kong and England and Wales.

BIO: Julian So, Group CEO of XBE Ltd


Julian is legally qualified in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He has deep and broad experience within legal practice and finance having held senior positions in international law firms and financial institutions, specializing in banking, securitization, derivatives and structured finance. Currently, Julian is serving as the Group CEO of XBE and non-executive Vice Chairman of COINLLECTIBLES and MARVION and Of Counsel, Hauzen LLP. Under Julian's leadership, XBE has empowered numerous companies to venture into the Web 5 space. By pioneering Digital Ownership Tokens (“DOTs”) to tokenize real world assets ("RWA"), XBE has taken the lead in native tokenization. Coinllectibles and Marvion are success cases in the arts and collectibles industry and the media and entertainment industry respectively. The Group will continue its vision to build a leading Web 5 ecosystem for the global digitalisation of RWA!

BIO: Tony Chang

RELATED LINKS: LinkedIn, Tykhe Capital

Tony is a Vice President of Capital Markets and Wealth Management at Tykhe Capital Group. The Group’s Capital Markets and Wealth Management business is acting through Pioneer Asset Management Limited (PAML), a Tykhe Group member. PAML is the first and only asset manager permitted by SFC in Hong Kong to conduct fund tokenisation business, and is permitted to manage 100% of portfolio(s) in virtual assets (including security tokens and crypto assets). At Tykhe, Tony is responsible for the development of Tykhe's security token offering (STO) business and the project lead of PRINCE Token project, the first real estate fund STO managed by a Hong Kong licensed asset manager. Prior to his role at Tykhe Group, Tony led the product strategy and partnership across Tykhe’s subsidiaries from custody, payment to trading platform; particularly, he drove a number of banking and brokerage partnerships focusing on providing enabling infrastructure for financial market intermediaries to enter Web3. In addition to Tykhe, Tony was also an adjunct Applied Research Fellow at Chinese University of Hong Kong, coaching FinTech Master students on various Web3 industry projects.

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