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Green FinTech university startup experiences and challenges

Panel Chair / Moderator: Sijuade Animashaun

1 November (Wednesday)

Panel 4:00 - 4:45 PM  

Location: Philip K.H. Wong Theatre 

2/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, Centennial Campus

The University of Hong Kong


Edoardo Francisco Sabatino

Chief Executive Officer, Climate Kick


Harry Yu

Chief Executive Officer, Arrakis Green


Sijuade Animashaun

Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Climate Kick and Arrakis Green are funded by the HKU DeepTech100, a co-ideation programme with HKU iDendron and HKSTP.  The programme is a first of its kind in Hong Kong aiming for translating deep tech research outcome from top university into future businesses. HKU and HKSTP join forces to provide research and development resources as well as business and startup support. To find out more about the programme, visit:

Panel 1 - What does tokenization mean for data, Web3 and IP?


Panel 2 - Shaping the future: Technology and governance to address emerging challenges

Panel 3 - Introduction: HKU-edX Professional Certificate in Financial Technologies | Web3 Infrastructure & Development in Hong Kong | Building Web3 in Hong Kong

Panel 5 - Developments in tokenized security issuances and offerings in Hong Kong


BIO: Edoardo Francesco Sabatino, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Kick


Experienced financier with international managerial roles across Europe, Asia and Americas. Now designing a GreenFintech business. Team builder across cultures and with a natural curiosity for new challenges. His expertise relies on Sustainable Finance, Circular Economy and ESG. His commitment is to shape the way business is done; exploring business opportunities in the space on CleanTech and Circular Economy to respect what we got, to protect what remains on this loveable world. Edoardo Francesco Sabatino was in charge of Sustainable Finance deals of Intesa Sanpaolo, Corporate & Investment Banking division in Americas. He is based in New York, the Hub of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking division, which is geared towards solid and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders in the United States of America and LATAM countries. Edoardo spent a great extent of his career working in Sustainability, formerly in Asia Pacific where he developed business in China, Japan, Singapore, India and Australia. He dealt with large corporate clients on bilateral and syndicated Sustainability-linked transactions. Furthermore, he has been an active member of different Institutional bodies advocating for a transition to a circular economy. His routes relies in the Innovation sector, formerly in Accenture and since 2015 in Intesa Sanpaolo, where he managed Big Data and Artificial Intelligence IMI C&IB projects. Furthermore, he worked in Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, which is at the frontier of innovation, acting as an Ecosystem Catalyst and helping startups develop their business. He successfully gained an MBA from Columbia Business School, London Business School and Hong Kong University. He graduated in Finance from the University of Turin. Over the years, he attended executive courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) and University of Exeter Business School.

BIO: Harry Yu, Chief Executive Officer, Arrakis Green

Harry graduated from HKU. He was the PhD student representative for HKU business school and Vice Chairman of PGSA of St. Johns’ College, with three different degrees in mathematics, finance, and accounting. He won many awards in startup competitions including all discipline, climate change, and FinTech, and presented his research papers in global conferences.

ABOUT: Arrakis Green Fintech

Arrakis Green Fintech is created by a small group of people who are PhDs from The University of Hong Kong (accounting, finance, computer science, and Buddhism). We are dedicated to applying textual analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques to systematically evaluate non-financial information like environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in the greater China region and provide services to financial institutions (priority) such as asset management companies, academic research institutions such as universities, and individuals who have interests on ESG and equity trading. We also help evaluate ESG reports, provide value-added service and design greenwashing detection models.

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